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JW GripSofts Slicker Brush is used by dog groomers worldwide to achieve professional results. Its ergonomic handle and efficient rake design remove dead shedding hair and help untangle mats and snarls with ease. Great for removing undercoat shedding for any double-coated breed.

  • Removes tangles, mats and dead unwanted hair
  • Use on double-coated breeds to remove shedding from undercoat
  • Great for dogs with curly, flat, wiry, long and medium hair
  • Small Slicker Brush is ideal for Small Dogs and Puppies
  • Large Slicker Brush is ideal for Medium and Large Dogs

Designed for professional groomers, the Gripsoft Slicker is ergonomically correct for your comfort. The rubber sheathed handle means you use less pressure to manipulate the tool. With its non-slip soft grip, even wet you maintain total control. The brush teeth feature 90° angles that prevent them from raking your dog’s skin, making the entire grooming process more comfortable.

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